Case Studies

August 2015 – Woman, 67, presented with Acid Reflux, abdominal pain, fatigue, and insomnia.  Following a foundational nutrition protocol, increasing her stomach acid so food would be digested, and supporting her liver and pancreas, her reflux, pain, fatigue and insomnia symptoms reduced significantly.


January 2014 – Woman, 48, presented with severe eye pain and repeated traumatic brain injuries from ten auto and motorcycle accidents.  She sprayed ASEA in her eyes for a week, and then using Cranial Nerve Manipulation techniques including the supra-orbital fissure and optic nerve, the pressure and pain reduced 70%.  By the fourth session, pain was reduced by 90%.


May-August 2013 – A very active Man, 55, presented with chronic wrist and thumb pain.  Nerve manipulation relieved pain, however, it returned after a few days.  Using Myofascial Release on his arms, wrists and hands, followed by nerve manipulation relieved the pain for 2-3 weeks at a time.  After slamming his elbow into a doorway, he had terrible elbow pain (ulnar nerve), and subsequent nerve manipulation relieved the pain within 10 minutes.


April 2013 – Woman, 39, presented with uncontrollable diarrhea.  Surgery six months prior had removed eight inches of her descending colon due to ulcerative colitis.  Her doctor had prescribed a variety of drugs to control the diarrhea, however, none were effective.   “Local listening” identified trauma to the colon, specifically the transverse colon (it was in “shock”).   Using Visceral Manipulation techniques mobility and motility were restored to the colon.  She went home with the Young Living Essential Oil called Digize, to use after each meal.  Within a week she had control of her bowels and within 3 weeks she had normal bowel movements.


May 5, 2011 – Woman, 42, presented with painful throat due to heartburn (aka  “acid reflux”) .  Her doctor prescribed acid reflux drugs but she wanted to try Visceral Manipulation first.  Her Cardiac Sphincter (between esophagus and stomach) was restricted allowing stomach acid to come into the esophagus.  Using Visceral Manipulation techniques the restriction was removed, allowing the Cardiac Sphincter to rotate clockwise.  She drank several small cups of water with lemon essential oil and felt relief.  Two weeks later she felt great and her throat pain is gone.


April 2011 – Woman, 59, constipated, eliminating about every 5 days in spite of eating a mostly raw food diet.  After 3 Visceral Manipulation treatments, she is no longer constipated and eliminates daily.  First session: checked all sphincters, stomach, liver, small & large intestines.  Second session: focus on large intestines, esp. cecum and sigmoid colon.  Third session: focus on Liver.  Reported back the next day that she was eliminating every hour.


March 2011 – Four separate clients with a strong pulse in the abdomen near the umbilicus.  According to our VM class, this is a potential symptom of an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.  The first two clients had restrictions in the left inguinal ligament area.  The third client had restriction in the right inguinal ligament area.  The fourth had restriction in her sigmoid colon.  As soon as the restrictions were removed using a combination of VM, Myofascial Release, and PUSH Therapy techniques, the pulse was undetectable.  I advised my clients to have their doctor check this out – usually an ultrasound can rule out aorta damage.  According to subsequent research, it is plausible that eliminating blood vessel restrictions early can save lives.


Feb 20, 2011 – Man, 81, paralyzed, vomiting every night after going to bed.  He tried eating nothing after 4pm but still no relief.  His pyloric valve (PV) was dysfunctional in that it did not vibrate or rotate clockwise.  Using Visceral Manipulation techniques (both PV and stomach), the PV began to rotate clockwise.  His vomiting stopped, and has not reoccurred.


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