Knee pain gone!

I wish to express my thanks to Sherry Litasi for her wonderful work in getting me back together again.  In the spring of 2013, I slipped in some mud which caused me to twist many of my joints and pull
ligaments in my feet, legs, and back.  My right knee swelled so that it
was larger than the size of a softball and was extremely  painful.  My
back and feet were also so sore, I could barely move.  I arrived at
Sherry’s office walking with the aid of crutches and limping badly.

Sherry was able to quickly reduce the swelling through lymphatic drainage massage and myofascial release. She continued working on the nerves and ligaments around my knee until nearly all the swelling around my knee went away.  As she worked on my knee, the pain I was experiencing also disappeared.   Additional work on my back and feet during our session reduced nearly all the pain I was feeling in my body.  She was able to help me straighten my back and relieve the pain both in my back and my feet.

At the end of our session, I was able to walk out of her office without
using my crutches and nearly pain free.

In a followup session, Sherry was able to get my knee and leg to
completely straighten out and relieved all the pain in my knee.  (via nerve manipulation)  She was able to allow me move and walk in a normal manner.  My thanks to Sherry for her wonderful work.

Dave Raab   (March 2013)

Aches and pains; pain after knee replacement surgery

“I had a friend recommend that I try “push therapy” to help with the aches and pains of a 60 year old. Even after knee replacement surgery my knee still hurt.  I contacted Sherry and it was a life changing event for me.  She is very knowledgeable about most aspects of the human body that need tweaking to make one feel loose and comfortable.  Sherry’s techniques are considerably more beneficial than a massage, as Sherry has a knack at finding the tension points in your body and relaxing them.

I highly recommend everyone that may not be over the hill, but can see the top of it from where they are at, to visit Sherry.  She has the knowledge and ability to make any ache or pain you are feeling abate. If you harm yourself in an accident or have nagging issues from an illness for sure try her out versus going to an MD and having them just prescribe more pills that don’t work!

She also has the contacts to refer you to another source of self improvement i.e. she referred me to a weight training center that I can live (I hate to lift weights!)  She also referred me to a new MD who is not so quick to put me on the newest medication.  Give Sherry a try, you will find that I am right and, who knows, maybe she will change your life as she did mine.”

Tom Hoden  (December 2011)

Neck and Back pain from Auto accidents

“Sherry is a top-notch Push Therapist who is also an expert in many different healing modalities. She has been the only person able to locate the true root cause of my core health issues that I have faced over the last 10 years.

Her knowledge and skill sets are truly outstanding and she is the only person that has been able to help me get rid of my health related challenges and my severe issues with neck and back pain from a long history of serious car accidents!

I would highly recommend Sherry to anyone who wants to resolve any health related issues in order to lead a happier, healthier and pain free life!

Thank you Sherry for being the BEST in Denver and throughout the U.S.!“

James Armstrong  (December 2009)
CEO-Spirit Media Network

Pain issues and detox

“I have been working with Sherry on a personal and professional level since Summer 2009. The changes she has made with her work in myself and my clients are outstanding. Frequently I recommend Sherry to my clients to get pain issues resolved and work toxins out of the body. Even if there is no pain she finds problem areas to work on and also gives great massages. Thanks for all your help, Sherry!!”

Heike Vargas (December 2009)
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Severe back pain; knee pain; Barefoot running

“I went to Sherry because I was experiencing severe back pain.  I could hardly bend over without wrenching pain.  I could visibly see that I was leaning to one side because the muscles in my lower back were so tight.  My back was visibly out of alignment.  After one 90 minute visit with Sherry, my back felt much better.  I looked in the mirror afterward and could see that I was standing upright again and my back looked straight.  It was a huge relief and a testimony to her ability to loosen muscles and relieve pain.

Since then I have been visiting Sherry weekly for about 2 months.  Each visit lasts between 1 to 2 hours.  We have focused primarily on my lower back muscles and my legs.  I have wanted to deal with tendonitis pain in my knee that has stopped me from running very far for the past 11 years.

About 1 month into being treated by Sherry, I read the book ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall on a recommendation from a friend.  It changed my entire perspective about running.  I immediately began running barefoot and found that very quickly I was able to run 5 miles without any knee pain.

The week before I started running barefoot my knee locked up in severe pain after just 1 mile.  My 3rd week of barefoot running I was able to go on a 10 mile run with zero knee pain.  But the new form was using muscles that were not used to being used in my feet and legs.  So I was experiencing soreness in my feet and calves initially, and then in my hamstrings and upper thighs.

Each week as I experienced new soreness, I got it worked on by Sherry.  I found that the muscle soreness went away relatively quickly.  My 3rd week of running barefoot or with Vibram Five Fingers, I ran a total of 26 miles.  That’s not much for a runner, but from where I was it’s a breakthrough.   And my body and legs felt fantastic.  In none of those miles did I ever feel a twinge of the knee pain that has held me back for so many years.  But also, my back is feeling great, and has continued to improve each week.

I feel zero pain in my back anymore, which I attribute to the help from Sherry in combination with barefoot running and stretching.”

Aaron K. (November 2009)

Note: Aaron and I wrote an article about this experience.  Read the full story here.

Improved athletic performance

“I am amazed at how much faster I ran my regular trail run workout, after your fantastic Push Therapy session.

Before my last session with you, my trail run up the Chimney Gulch trail on Lookout Mountain, took 29 minutes and I was so winded I thought about quiting before I finished.  After the Push Therapy session, I ran the same distance on the same trail, in 19 minutes and was less winded and fatigued, during the run.

It is obvious your Push Therapy technique or the essential oils are improving my athletic performance.

I look forward to adding an incoming link to your website, from our www.floridadetox.com website, when we have time to add some additional sections to our website.

I will also be recommending you to some championship bicyclists, who won first and second place, in the arduous Mount Evans bicycle hill climb event.

I believe your Push Therapy technique would be very beneficial to many of our fibromyalgia, sciatica and chronic pain patients, in addition to athletes seeking to improve their athletic performance.”

Steven Sponaugle (July 2009), Research Director
Florida Detox and Wellness Institute

Postpartum fluid retention; swelling; pain; fluid weight loss; lymphatic drainage

“I’ve known Sherry Litasi for many years and trust her implicitly.  Sherry is an integral part of my network of health care providers.  I am continually impressed with the power of massage and lymph drainage in healing.

After the birth of my last child by c-section I was swollen from excess fluid retention (during the procedure a person generally receives IV fluids).  I had so much swelling that I was unable to wear some of my largest maternity clothing after the surgery—even though I only had milk swelling at the time of the surgery.  My thighs, legs, stomach and feet were all terribly swollen after the delivery. My skin was stretched to the point of severe pain.  I hurt everywhere but especially on my incision site. I was having pain in my stomach area around the incision even though the incision was healing nicely—the skin was stretched and my lymph nodes in the area of the incision were the size of walnuts!  I had terrible pain from the lymph nodes being so swollen. It absolutely stopped me in my tracks.

Sherry did massage work on my lymph system and more specifically on freeing the lymph nodes so that they could properly drain.  Within 24 hours of the first treatment I had lost almost 20 pounds of fluid weight!  In addition, almost immediately after the massage the pain I was experiencing was dramatically better!  My skin relaxed and the pressure was relieved, the pain in the nodes was gone immediately after she worked on them—they were still somewhat sore after the first treatment, but after the second treatment the pain was completely gone within 24 hours.  After my second massage treatment I lost yet another ten pounds of fluid.

I would highly recommend that everyone who has a C-Section or other surgery get massage treatment afterwards to allow the lymph system to function properly and recover from the surgery properly.  My OB/GYN commented on how well I had healed from the surgery and was very impressed with my healing!  I credit the work that Sherry did with a great deal of my recovery process. “

Laura M. (April 2009)

Ankle and foot flexibility

“I met Sherry through our Orienteering Club, so she knows about people with motion injuries.  I have had a bad right ankle (fused bones and spastic muscles) since I was a teenager.  I have tried many of the orthopedic approaches to correcting the problem, short of surgery, to no effect.

Sherry noticed my limp and used push therapy to loosen the muscles, break the adhesions and help me to correct my gait.   Most noticeable was the opening of nerve endings and the increased flexibility in my ankle and foot.  I am looking to non-invasive methods to further improve my ankle mobility and pain relief and will most certainly include push therapy as an integrated approach to allow me to walk without ankle pain.

Sherry can work wonders and give short-term relief progressing towards long term healing.  She has also helped my son who has a similar situation.  He has not complained about sore ankles since Sherry did push therapy on his ankles almost 3 months ago.  Trust me, it’s worth every penny she charges and I highly recommend her effective, professional services. “

Brian C. (February 2007)

Eliminate chronic pain and tension